• Client       Adcoin
  • Year           2016
  • CampaignAd tutorial

A powerful call to action makes an ad effective.

A call to action has 3 parts:
1. Make a proposal (usually a no-obligation statement that removes or reduces risk over a purchase)
2. Tell people what to do next
3. Encouragement to respond right away

In the world of Adcoin the rules can be bent a little. The first point of call to action is there to make an offer that user can accept. With an Adcoin completion ad the setting is not a usual one: the user, just by completing the ad, will get an immediate reward. As the user already gets value from the transaction, they are more likely to respond favourably to your call to action.

To make your call to action effective, an Adcoin completion ad has 2 ads in 1 (the completion ad and a follow on ad), which can be used together to make sure the user knows what to do next, and to encourage immediate action.