• Client       Adcoin
  • Year           2016
  • CampaignAd tutorial

Completion ad is a unique tool for an advertiser - not only does it guarantee engagement and attention from the user, but it does it in a positive framework (user receives instant gratification while receiving your message). Completion ad is very effective for building recall. When a user takes an active action as opposed to passively consuming something, they are 7.5x more likely to remember the content. The way Adcoin ads are designed, an advertiser gets a 10+x boost in recall. Other benefits are plenty.
* Completion ad can be used for collecting market intelligence.
* Completion ad is incredibly efficient against bots. Inherent to the act of completing a task lies extremely potent antidote to the biggest nuisance in digital marketing. Using the input method, Adcoin analyzes whether the user is a human or a bot and only provides a human user access.
* 2 ads in 1 unit - with the completion ad you also get a follow-on ad. You get to grab the attention of the user and immediately take advantage of it to trigger an action in the follow-on ad that the user sees after completing your task.